• Crisp Ayla Spaans
  • SCHÖN MAGAZINE Laura Martínova
  • Le Mile Indiana Roma Voss
  • Chandon Garden Spritz Nina Aaldering
  • Panos Henk Loorbach
  • <
    Chupa Chups Ayla Spaans
  • G-Star Nina Aaldering
  • Vogue Living Nienke Wind
  • Nationale-Nederlanden
  • H&M Victor Griffioen
  • Bols Ayla Spaans
  • Adidas Dennis Branko




Styling/Art direction

Young Talents

At Cake Film & Photography, we're passionate about getting the best results out of the ideas that are brought to us by pushing the boundaries of imagination. We produce videos from scripts or from scratch, and photos from just a spark of inspiration to state-of-the-art ideas. Our success comes from our close collaborations with agencies and brands.

We have extensive expertise in producing all kinds of imagery, from tv commercials and editorial shoots, to digital campaigns, music videos and even the odd documentary. Nothing makes us happier than discovering uncompromising talent who can bring something smart and new to the table. Our roster of directors, photographers, and creatives boasts both more established names and emerging talent.